Ezoic Review

For several years, AdSense has been providing the Auto Ads system. You will ask, if Google already has such a system, why do I need Ezoic?

I’ll explain everything to you, let’s start from the beginning.

What is AdSense Auto Ads?

It’s system for automatically inserting Google ad into your content in an effort to earn more money per ad unit.

It sounds great, but it’s actually not that good.

Google can squeeze ads wherever it can, often in quite impractical places.

It also doesn’t know where ads from other ad networks are embedded.

It may be that the ad will be embedded right next to another ad from another network.

Auto Ads does not test the placement of your ads, which makes it a suboptimal system.

That’s the big difference between Auto Ads and Ezoic.

What is Ezoic?

Maybe I’ll start with the fact that Ezoic is not an advertising network. Ezoic does not serve its own ads.

Ezoic is a great platform where you can test pretty much every type of ads in terms of placements, sizes, colors and networks (also including AdSense) against one another.

Yes, you must have accounts with other ad networks to start using Ezoic.

The real power of Ezoic is that they using AI (machine learning) to improve ads placement on different areas of site based on visitor behavior.

This includes testing thousands of different ad types, placements, website layouts, time of day, day of week and many more factors.

For example: On your site, you can test the same ad location for different ads networks like AdSense and Media.net, Ezoic will decide what is better for you.
It can be revenue or user experience depend what is your goal.

In the example, I only used two ad networks.
If you use multiple ad networks, Ezoic gives you opportunity to test them all against one another.

Let’s focus on the Auto Ads problems I mentioned earlier.

No Control
Google tries to maximize the value of ads per page, not the profit of the website owner.

Therefore, it places as many ads as possible on the page.

Publishers have no control over the placement of ads or the number of ads.

Load Speed
Recently, a lot has been said about page loading speed as one of the most important SEO factors.

Auto Ads use JS script to implement which leads to a slowdown of the page and a longer loading time.

It happens that there are white spots on the website where the advertisement should be displayed, but it is not there.

For Google, the optimal goal is profit calculated on the basis of RPM. Which for you as a publisher is not always entirely good.

As a publisher, you will earn more by looking at Session Revenue than just RPM.

Try Ezoic.

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